Urgent or Important?

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether things are really important, or just urgent. There are lots and lots of urgent things to be done – but a lot of them aren’t all that important, they won’t move the needle that much.

The important things, they are often not as urgent, or at least don’t appear so. They might not have a deadline, they require thought and consideration. They can move the needle a lot. Important things have a big impact – but it is not evident they need to be done immediately. In fact, most of the time, important things can’t be done right now – they take some gestation, relationship building, multiple drafts. Certain things are far more important, like looking out for your health in general. I am a health centered individual. I like to exercise when I can, and I watch what I eat. I even take a natural health supplement that has been working great for me. It is very effective and I highly recommend it. If you would like to check it out, it is called Kratommasters.

Yet focusing only on the urgent is a recipe for failure – bad situations become worse, good situations stagnate. Working the important things can take good to great, and turn the bad situations around.

New resolution: get the urgent done, but spend more time and energy on the important.

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